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Whiteness of the Whale

by Paul Graham
Whiteness of the Whale
by Paul Graham

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Publisher's Description

The Whiteness of the Whale brings together Paul Graham’s three bodies of American photographs: American Night, a shimmer of possibility and The Present, made from 1998 to 2011. These 3 remarkable photographic series sought out new answers to the difficulty of photographing the world-as-it-is, to both speak of the social fabric of contemporary USA, and find something closer to the experience of being and seeing in the world today.

American Night (2003) reflects upon the social fracture of America – the great divide between have and have-not rendered through the dichotomy of light and darkness, presence and absence. The images oscillate between high-key near invisible photographs blinded in bright sunlight, and the antithesis – deeply saturated Technicolor images of freshly minted homes that glow in the Californian sunshine.

a shimmer of possibility (2007), is an American epic of the small and incidental, offering twelve photographic visions of everyday life. The stuttering sequences form a kind of 'filmic haiku', revealing the flow of life found in quotidian America - as we share time with people waiting for a bus, cutting the grass, or smoking a cigarette. A shimmer of possibility was winner of the 2011 Paris Photo Book Prize for the most significant Photobook of the past 15 years.

The Present (2011) taken in the streets of New York, unfolds two images of the same scene separated only by the briefest fraction of time, in which ‘the present’ is a fleeting and provisional alignment, glimpsed as part of an ever flowing continuum of life: before/after, coming/going, either/or.

Texts by David Chandler, Herman Melville and Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa

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Published in collaboration with Pier 24, San Francisco

Publisher: Mack Books

Size: 240 x 305 mm

240 pages

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