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by Simon Fröhlich
by Simon Fröhlich

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Publisher's Description

In these modern times, we still find a variety of reasons for spending time in the forest. For the photographer Simon Fröhlich, it was a logical continuation of his photographic oeuvre to want to work in this analog environment using only analog technologies. Rather than acting as a restriction, this decision had the effect of freeing him from the multitude of technical possibilities of today’s photography. He thus set off on a quest for his own past, for those faded moments that had become blurred and sometimes consisted only of a fragment of a vague memory. To reproduce this feeling in his images, he used only instant photographs for the book, ruling out any possibility of subsequent manipulation and thus ensuring the uniqueness of each moment. 

The rediscovery of the slowness of photography, trying the photographer’s patience as he grappled with technical setbacks, became the precondition for a fascinating book.

Publisher: Kehrer Verlag

Size: 200 x 240 mm

136 pages, 87 colour illustrations

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