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Tir a’Mhurain

by Paul Strand
Tir a’Mhurain
by Paul Strand

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A classic photobook. Paul Strand's Tir a'Mhurain is usually subtitled 'The Outer Hebrides of Scotland' though most of images are of one island, South Uist, where Strand stayed for three months in the early 1960s. The book perfectly sequences black-and-white landscapes and portraits of the islanders. This new edition by Edinburgh publishers Birlinn is the first edition since Aperture's of 2005. It was part of a loose trilogy of Strand projects on rural communities in Europe (the others being in France and Italy).

Publisher's Description

'Paul Strand is one of those photographers who have established not just a body of work but a way of seeing. His prints encourage the eye to take an apparently endless journey' – The Times Literary Supplement

Tir a’Mhurain is a collection of photographs that reflects the impressions gathered by Paul Strand and his wife Hazel during their 3-month visit to the Hebrides in 1945. Juxtaposing people and landscape, Strand’s beautifully sequenced photographs depict the perfect complicity he saw between nature and habitation in their wild terrain. Whether it is a view of the rocks and the sea or a grinning shepherd boy; scuddling clouds hanging over seaside house or the wrinkled face of an old lady framed by a knitted shawl, Strand’s images transcend the ephemeral. This extended portrait captures the essence and complexity of a singular place. This is a true masterpiece of photography.

Publisher: Birlinn

128 pages

Harper Voyager
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