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Timeless (Standard Edition - Signed)

by Rafael Rojas
Timeless (Standard Edition - Signed)
by Rafael Rojas

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Publisher's Description

This edition includes the "Timeless" monograph signed by the artist Rafael Rojas. The book is contained in a beautifully made black slipcase in Finenlinen textured paper, stamped with the title and author name.

“Timeless” is an exclusive monograph of fine art photography in black and white of the city of Venice, by fine artist Rafael Rojas, Master Hasselblad 2014 photographer. 

The photographic plates contained in the book tackle the subject matter from an artistic and strongly personal point of view, with the aim of transcending a merely documentary photographic approach to Venice. The photographs, frequently focused on intimate details, lesser-known areas of the city and very personal interpretations of better-known locales, are subtle, sometimes minimalistic, highly atmospheric and filled with a sense of silence, calm and timeless character.

In this art book, the city of Venice becomes a visual metaphor for the duality of time. On one hand, there is a timeless character which seems to reign over the entire place. Due to the lack of references and its uniqueness, Venice seems to be an architectural mirage that defies the conventions of reality and seems to have been there since the origins of this world. On the other hand, Venice is the perfect metaphor for the passing of time, for change, for decay, for the ephemeral existence of a banal world anchored to reality.

Publisher: Platinum Press Editions

Size: 300 x 300 mm

108 pages, 64 photographic plates

Hard bound in Venetian Red FinenLinen

Stamped with title and author name on cover and spine

Tipped-in image "Gates of Venice" of 10x10 cm on cover

Signed by the artist Rafael Rojas

Foreword by Toto Bergamo Rossi

Paper matte PhoenixMotion Xantur 170 gsm

Museum-quality tritone printing in Italy

Signed Copy
Binding Additional
Hardback in slipcase
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