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The Time Between: the sequences of Minor White

by Minor White
The Time Between: the sequences of Minor White
by Minor White

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Publisher's Description

The Time Between is an original exhibition and publication dedicated to the work and legacy of Minor White (American, 1908-1976). This catalog marks the first major examination focusing on White’s sequences: a unique style of presentation he refined throughout his career. White’s early career as a poet and mentorship under Edward Weston both informed his photographic impulses. His theory around sequential photography that “The time between photographs is filled by the beholder,” is poetic in its own right and a book is perhaps the perfect medium in which to experience this phenomenon. White, a co-founder of Aperture Magazine was a force in the field for more than three decades and one of America’s most influential photographers, writers, and educators of the 20th century. His photographic percept now commonly referred to as “visual literacy,” a way of seeing and reading photographs is more relevant than ever.

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Publisher: Gingko Press

260 pages pages, 172 Black & White Illustrations

Museum of Photographic Arts
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