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by Anders Petersen
by Anders Petersen

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Everything has its prehistory, including this magnificent volume of photographs by Anders Petersen. Some four years ago it was suggested that Anders should document his Stockholm as he had done in other major cities.

An excellent idea, we thought. Having Anders' sensitive temperament, eye and camera pro-duce a picture of contemporary Stockholm - a city that is expanding with two busloads of people every day. A city with a centre and an urban sprawl, a city filled with tensions and life. We envisaged something other than the classic Stockholm depictions that already exist. With Anders, we imagined that the result would reflect the complexity of our times. What we expected was an important time document filtered through the eye of an artist.

Anders took the task to heart and on behalf of Liljevalchs he spent four years wandering round in Stockholm with his analogue camera. What we encounter is life - people at work and at play, ecstatic and subdued, young and old, expressive and introverted. A flow of visual and mental collisions between high and low, all carefully registered, in a gap between black and white.

Anders Petersen is at his best when he freezes a low-key moment. A snowy and desolate winter street, a glimpse of wonder. Images that reveal his incredible sensitivity - his presence and his love of what he sees, be it a person or an object that leads us to an unexpected association. Anders Petersen is also - in positive terms - an artist for whom there is no end. There is always a new picture to be taken, a new situation that has to be included. As commissioner of such a project, one has to keep one's cool. Go with the flow and thank one's lucky stars that the result is on such a high professional level, which is evidenced by this publication and exhibition.

Liljevalchs, a time-honoured institution dating back to 1916, is looking forward to a pulsating summer 2019 and a gallery filled with Anders's photographs. We would like to thank everyone who has made the project possible, the initiator Angie Astrom and everyone who opened their doors to Anders and his camera. Welcome to a view of Stockholm 2015-2019 through the intimate gaze of photographer Anders Petersen.

Marten Castenfors, Director Liljevalchs

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