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by Christopher Taylor
by Christopher Taylor

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Publisher's Description

Steinholt is a house in the fishing village of Þórshöfn in the remote northeast corner of Iceland. Built in 1929 by my wife’s paternal grandparents, the house was given a name before there was a street. My wife, Álfheiður, was named after her grandmother. The closeness of their relationship and the unexpected circumstances by which we came to acquire this small house, are where the photographic project begins. Informed by stories and written accounts, I have retraced the movements of my wife’s ancestors as they criss-crossed the landscape, in search of work or a place to live. The resulting series of black and white analogue photographs compiled over the last five years are an attempt to interpret the past and investigate the origin of names as a means to inhabiting the landscape.« (Christopher Taylor)

A trained zoologist and self taught photographer, Christopher Taylor (b.1958) has traveled extensively in France, Iceland, Japan, India, and China. He has held critically acclaimed solo and group exhibitions in Paris, Madrid, London, Beijing, Delhi, Mumbai, and Calcutta, and is represented by Galerie Camera Obscura, Paris, and Tasveer, India.

Publisher: Kehrer

Size: 220 x 220 mm

160 pages, 60 duotone illustrations

English, Icelandic

ISBN 978-3-86828-766-0

Date Published
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Half-cloth hardcover
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