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St Kilda: The Silent Islands

by Alex Boyd
St Kilda: The Silent Islands
by Alex Boyd

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Publisher's Description

Rising up dramatically from the Atlantic Ocean, the island archipelago of St Kilda is often celebrated as the most remote location in the British Isles.

Forty miles from the Outer Hebrides, the main island of Hirta contains the highest sea cliffs in UK, and the remains of a village famous for its evacuation of 1930.

While this marked the end of a way of life, the islands have often been obscured in myth and romance. With a series of images made over several years, and following many visits out to the islands using a camera which once belonged to Fay Godwin, Alex Boyd’s new book seeks to challenge these perceptions.

Documenting the wild and now deserted landscape of the island of St Kilda, Boyd illuminates much about the island’s shadowy history and about the communities which have inhabited it.

This book of stunning photography contains a preface by Murdo Macdonald HRSA, a hard-hitting essay on the myth and reality of St Kilda by the islands’ archaeologist, Dr Kevin Grant, and poetry by the acclaimed Gerry Cambridge.

Publisher: Luath Press

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