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Some Thing means Everything to Somebody

by Peter Mitchell
Some Thing means Everything to Somebody
by Peter Mitchell

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Publisher's Description

Peter Mitchell's follow up to the sell-out Strangely Familiar is a scarecrow odyssey. His new book boldly maps out the passing of time by pairing these surreal totems in the landscape opposite personal ephemera. The juxtaposition of commonplace objects with the Everyman form of the scarecrow highlights the quirky and eccentric view Peter has shown throughout his work - the humdrum and mundane becomes weird and wonderful, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. This is a document of both the literal and the allegorical: blank scarecrow faces in empty landscapes with muted skies connect to a bleak pastoral sensibility, while hoarded belongings map out Peter's life chronologically. Peter, a child of the Air-Fix generation, recorded this collection of scarecrows over many years and presents this as an autobiography.

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Publisher: RRB Publishing

Size: 230 x280 mm

132 pages, 124 colour images

Edition of 950, signed

Includes 5 x 5 inch print

Signed Copy
Binding Additional
Hardcover in dust wrapper
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