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Six by Six (Set Three)

Six by Six (Set Three)

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We are pleased to announce Set Three of our award-winning limited edition series "Six by Six". This subscription-based series comprises 36 titles, published in six sets of six titles each, over a three year period. Each title in the series is limited to 100 hand-numbered copies, printed on our exclusive heavyweight Japanese paper and bound in Japanese cloth. Each book contains a separate exhibition-quality original print, numbered and signed by the artist, on 11 x 14 inch paper. The third set of six titles, listed below, is now shipping. The hardcover, oversized (12 x 15-inch) books and accompanying prints are contained in a custom-made slipcase. The current price for the entire series is $36,000. Existing subscribers are locked in at their original price. The third set of six titles includes the following: William Christenberry: "House Near Akron"; Eduardo del Valle & Mirta Gómez: "On View"; John Divola: "LAX NAZ: Los Angeles International Airport Noise Abatement Zone (Exterior Views)", 1975; Daido Moriyama: "Fishnet"; Karin Apollonia Müller: "Timber Cove"; Carrie Mae Weems: "Slow Fade to Black".

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

Size: 12 x 15"

Six limited edition books, each with a loose original signed print, housed in a custom slipcase.

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Six limited edition books, each with a loose original signed print, housed in a custom slipcase
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