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Salaryman Project business schedule (Signed)

by Bruno Quinquet
Salaryman Project business schedule (Signed)
by Bruno Quinquet

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Publisher's Description

"A fascinating photography project (...) situated somewhere between documentary style street photography and concept art" Bill Kouwenhoven

"At the sight of such familiar scenes, we Japanese can’t help having a vague feeling of sadness. However, in Bruno’s work, as if by magic, these men undergo metamorphosis and turn into fascinating and mysterious apparitions." Kotaro Iizawa

"A wonderful object that embodies its contents entirely" Joanna Creswell

The Salaryman Project is on a double mission. On one hand, it explores images of masculinity and normality in the world of Tokyo office workers (aka salarymen). On the other hand, it is an observation of the sense of the season in the Japanese capital.
Obscuring the faces is an attempt to adapt in a creative way to the increasing constraints of portraits rights on the publication of candid street photography. As a result, mystery and poetry seem to blossom around the supposedly boring corporate world.
The work is published as an illustrated professional agenda.

Every book is signed and stamped and comes with a little extra: a "confidential" zine with the SP2014.   Plus a small print (10x13cm) of an unpublished photo 

Sample images

Size: 182 x 257 mm

64 pages, 53 colour photographs

Bilingual (Japanese / English)

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