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by Gerry Johansson
by Gerry Johansson

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Publisher's Description

Gerry Johansson arrived for the first time in Ravenna in 2013 (as part of the Adriatic coast to Coast project).
 As usual, he parked his car and started walking, alone, in the direction that seemed more inviting to him.
 Since then, he has visited the city several times, continuing to walk and take pictures. Intrigued by a sign hanging from a tree, he took via Bosca, south of city, towards Lido di Dante.

“When i’m in a foreign country”  he says “I always read the sign and try to understand what they mean. In this case, I quickly realised that it was a place where someone was selling melons, which in Sweden have a similar name, meloner. Reading the sign, MELONIMELONI, the sound made me automatically think of the words ‘melody’ and ‘melancholy’. It was this combination of letters and sounds that urged me to start walking along via Bosca.”

Impressed by how deep the port area penetrates into the city center, creating a curious hybrid between city and industry, Johansson continued his walk along the Candiano canal, from Ravenna up to Porto Corsinin passing through some of Ravenna’s symbolic places that retain fascinating monuments of its more recent history (…)

Enjoy your walk with Gerry Johansson

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Publisher: Osservatoro Fotografico

Size: 295 x 235 mm

48 pages, 54 photographs

Edition: 350 copies

Harper Voyager
Osservatorio Fotografico
1st (2nd printing)
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