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The Perfect Tannery

by Mark Power and Stuart Franklin
The Perfect Tannery
by Mark Power and Stuart Franklin

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Publisher's Description

Atipografia presents 'The Perfect Tannery', a specially-designed, hitherto unseen photographic project dedicated to the Chiampo valley, the largest and most important tannery district in Italy. The project received support from the eight largest companies in the leather-tanning sector (Conceria Montebello, Rino Mastrotto Group, ICA, Dani, Gruppo Mastrotto, Adelaide, Faeda, Bonaudo) along with the water purifying plant Acque del Chiampo, UNIC - Unione Nazionale Industria Conciaria (National tanning industries unioin), the tannery division of Confindustria Vicenza, Banca Intesa and the Municipality of Arzignano. 'The Perfect Tannery' provides an international overview of the identity of this industrial district.

Stuart Franklin, a photoreporter of international fame, focuses on the water resources in the Chiampo Valley, and explore the close link between nature and man's activities, in his project titled 'Water'.

Mark Power, photographer and professor of photography at the University of Brighton, dedicated seven days to the photographic depiction of 8 tanneries and a chemical plant, producing an oeuvre of 35 photographs titled 'Tanneries'.

Publisher: Damiani

128 pages, 80 illustrations


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