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Opera: Magazine for Classic & Contemporary Nude Photography Volume I

Opera: Magazine for Classic & Contemporary Nude Photography Volume I

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Publisher's Description

The aesthetic and cultural wealth and the long tradition and classical status of opera as a high-art function here as an inspirational metaphor for a volume of photographs published annually and which deals with the most sensitive and direct kind of portrait: nude photography: the human body as both stage and theatre play. The publisher Matthias Straub presents a rich spectrum of large and small portrayals, with both young nude photographers and classic works by living and dead masters of this field.

Barron Claiborne, Bart Hess, Bear Kirkpatrick, Christian Coigny, Christian Kettiger, Christian Witkin, Cynthia Berger, David Bellemere, David Lindsey Wade, David Spaeth, Elene Usdin, Eric Marrian, Imogen Cunningham, Jo Schwab, Joachim Baldauf, Jonathan Narducci, Kim Joon, Kirchknopf + Grambow, Jürgen Klauke, Madame Peripetie, Marc van Dalen, Michael Barolet, Mona Kuhn, Olivier Valsecchi, Quentin de Briey, René Fietzek, Ruben Brulat, Valeria Mitelman and many more.

See here for a full list of photographers and some sample spreads

Publisher: Kerber

Size: 240 × 310 mm

200 pages, 134 colour and 94 b/w illustrations

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Harper Voyager
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