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One Tree

by Machiel Botman
One Tree
by Machiel Botman

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“Each photograph unfolds itself as a personal mirror, meant only for you, like an unexpected gift. This is the free magic one finds in the world of Machiel Botman.” - Brigitte Ollier, Libération. A key figure in contemporary Dutch photography, Machiel Botman has always photographed as a way to understand life. He is not restrained by photographic conventions, but rather welcomes mistakes and surprises that combine with the highly personal nature of his subjects to create, as Ms. Ollier described it, “the world of Machiel Botman.” Like his individual photographs, Botman’s books and writings are autobiographical and chronicle the stages in his life, but they do not follow a linear narrative. “One Tree”, the artist’s third monograph, comprises a collection of images that are at once dark and hopeful, challenging and inviting. The book ends with Botman’s short story, “The hawk & the cat”, which plays off wonderfully with the images preceding it. Printed in Holland under the direct supervision of the artist, “One Tree” is a beautifully-produced artist’s book that belongs in the collection of every serious photographic library. This first printing is limited to 1,500 copies.

Examples of this work can be found here.

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

Size: 6 x 10"

72 pages, 40 duotone plates

Date Published
Binding Additional
Hardback (slipcased)
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