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Nothing's Coming Soon (Signed)

by Clay Maxwell Jordan
Nothing's Coming Soon (Signed)
by Clay Maxwell Jordan

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Robin Titchener describes Nothing’s Coming Soon as “a thing of quiet meditative beauty... Hopes, dreams, aspirations...regret...mortality. All frozen in crystalline beauty, and rendered in a gentle perfectly nuanced colour palette. Some images sending out their messages clearly and succinctly, others surreptitiously entreating us to dig a little deeper.” (See Robin's full reviewSample images.

Publisher's description

Nothing's Coming Soon is the first photography monograph by artist Clay Maxwell Jordan.  The images were primarily made in the American South and were inspired by the Buddhist belief that "life is suffering". The themes of death, mortality, and decay are counterbalanced with images of grace and unmitigated beauty. What emerges is a poetic, existential meditation on the human condition.

Clay Maxwell Jordan is a photographer and musician who has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally.  He is a 2019 MacDowell fellow and currently resides in Athens, Georgia . His first monograph, “Nothing’s Coming Soon,” was published in February of 2019 by Fall Line Press.

Includes an essay by art historian Alexander Nemerov

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