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Mirage (Signed)

by Daido Moriyama
Mirage (Signed)
by Daido Moriyama

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Publisher's Description

Mirage is the fourth entry in an annual series of high-quality, limited edition publications by publisher Match and Company's MMM imprint, which is a collaboration of book editor/producer Hisako Motoo, art director Satoshi Machiguchi, and photographer Daido Moriyama.

For this fourth installment, Moriyama has dug again into his vast archives and come out with largely unpublished color slides from the 1970s, which have faded over time, and which the book reproduces as they are now rather than attempting to restore them to their former full color glory. They include bondage photos Moriyama did on commission to raise money for a trip to Europe, and images he shot for the Japanese edition of Playboy magazine.

As editor Motoo writes in the accompanying afterword (available in English),
"Snapshots of glinting neon nightgowns, backside figures walking in train stations seen only once and never again, the thrust-chin sidelong disdainful glance of a woman, scenes drawn to Moriyama's unwavering compass needle. He drank it all in, with that tough gut of his. And not just fragmentary moments, but forty whole years worth. After several decades film takes on mildewy discolorations until we're peering at scenes through a blur of frosted glass. As if the crisp coating of reality had worn away over time, misting into hazy mirages of memory."

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Publisher: Bookshop M

Size: 260 x 300 mm

56 pages

Edition of 1000

Match & Co
Signed Copy
Binding Additional
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