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A Lover’s Complaint (Signed)

by Henry Gough-Cooper and Robin Gillanders
A Lover’s Complaint (Signed)
by Henry Gough-Cooper and Robin Gillanders

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Publisher's Description

This is an Artist’s Book, in a numbered limited edition of 300. 80 pages, 54 duotone illustrations.

The French philosopher and writer Roland Barthes (1915 – 1980) published his ‘A Lover’s Discourse’ in 1977. It consists of 80 ‘Fragments’, or short chapters, as a personal and philosophical exploration of the anatomy of desire and love.

Henry Gough-Cooper has taken these ‘Fragments’ and distilled each of them into haiku.

As a response to these, Robin Gillanders has made a series of still life photographs (which themselves may be termed ‘visual haiku’) as a further representation of Barthes’ text via Gough-Cooper’s verse.

Barthes is of particular importance to photographic artists since he has written at length about the medium and the relationship between the ‘actual’, ‘symbolic meaning’ and ‘subjective interpretation’. In other words, how the photograph transparently records what’s there, while symbolising something intangible and unphotographable, and which in turn requires personal interpretation.

“Photography is a kind of primitive theatre, a kind of Tableau Vivant…”, Roland Barthes

Robin Gillanders is a photographic artist living in Edinburgh. He is former Reader in Photography at Edinburgh Napier University.

Henry Gough-Cooper is a writer and musician who lives and works in South-West Scotland.

Publisher: Dingle Press

80 pages, 54 duotone illustrations

Limited edition of 300

Signed Copy
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