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Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel

by Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel
Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel
by Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel

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Publisher's Description

This richly illustrated publication chronicles for the first time the collaborative artwork by Mike Mandel and Larry Sultan. Their prolific artistic collaboration began in 1973 when they were both graduate students at the San Francisco Art Institute. During the course of the next twelve years, they created nineteen projects together.

During this period their projects took the form of artists' books, How To Read Music In One Evening, 1974, and Evidence, 1977; a series of a dozen outdoor billboards in the form of hand painted photographs, silkscreen posters, oil paintings and digitally printed posters, 1973-1983; a film, JPL, 1980; and an installation, Newsroom, 1983.

Although they both pursued individual projects during this twelve year span they nurtured and developed an intense and focused artist collaboration. Their seminal work, Evidence has been widely recognized as a landmark photographic book.

Publisher: Walther Koenig

Size: 248 x 288 mm

264 pages, 190 colour, 60 b&w illustrations

Walther Konig
Date Published
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