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In The Ice

by Stefan Hunstein
In The Ice
by Stefan Hunstein

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Stefan Hunstein has created some of the most luminous images of Arctic ice landscapes you are ever likely to see. In the Ice offers the best of these images, printed on glass using UV-direct printing.

Publisher's Description

The artist Stefan Hunstein brought magical photographs of untouched landscapes back from his journey to the Arctic in 2012. In their majesty and beauty, their immensity and their deadly cold they echo the visions of ice in painting and literature, especially during the Romantic era. The publication shows a selection of these breathtaking photographs which are being presented in public for the first time – also in a series of exhibitions.

Here Hunstein, famous for his critical examination of contemporary history through the artistic processing of existing pictures, has taken up the camera himself and has created “Dream Pictures” which retain a hint of unreality in their outlines, shadows and reflections, in their theatrical blue luminosity and the bizarre, constantly changing structures. In these photos – printed on glass using a special technique – the artist links the fragile and the monstrous, the beauty of nature and “the horrors of the ice and of darkness” (Christoph Ransmayr).

Sample images

Publisher: Hirmer Publishers

Size: 290 x 300 mm

128 pages, 58 colour illustrations

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