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by Ulrike Crespo
by Ulrike Crespo

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Publisher's Description

With her Iceland series, Ulrike Crespo takes on an extraordinary landscape, which has inspired countless travel and art photographers since the 19th century. And yet she succeeds in producing images that depict the breath-taking wealth of colors and forms of this wild island in a completely new way, often in nearly abstract details: turquoise- blue icebergs, black volcanic sand, white foaming waterfalls, mossy green boulders, and sulphur-yellow gravel deserts.

Ulrike Crespo has been preoccupied with photography since the 1990s. Her first photobook, Twilight, telling about the zone between light and darkness, was published by Kehrer in 2011. Further books followed, including Ephemere (2012), featuring images of flowers, Cold Landscape (2013), dedicated to distorted landscape images shot with infrared photography, and finally Unter der Haut des Wassers (2015), which focuses on an underwater world with undulating forests of seaweed and kelp. Ulrike Crespo’s photographs have been presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions. She lives and works in Frankfurt / Main, Vienna, and West Cork, Ireland.

Publisher: Kehrer

Size: 240 x 305 mm

240 pages, 184 color and 1 b/w illustration

English, German

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312 x 244 mm
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