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Going South: Big Sur

by Kirk Crippens
Going South: Big Sur
by Kirk Crippens

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Big Sur is a spectacular section of California coastline north of Los Angeles. Famous for its scenic drive along the ocean with its rugged and beautiful mountains meeting the sea, it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States and the world. In the winter of 2017, when heavy rains followed a long period of drought, the highway bridge to the north of Big Sur slid down the wet hillside, rendering the road impassable from the north.

When a 13-acre landslide dropped from the water-logged mountains of the south, the Big Sur area became inaccessible by road. It would be more than a year before Highway 1, lifeline to the community, could reopen for traffic. When the road was blocked Kirk Crippens and former resident Torre McQueen went to Big Sur. The photographs Kirk made of the landscape show the peace and quiet, the destruction, and the beauty. His portraits of Big Sur residents reflect the resilience, self-sufficiency and attitude that life, work and art will continue through it all.

“Big Sur has a climate all its own and a character all its own. It is a region where extremes meet, a region where one is always conscious of weather, of space, of grandeur, and of eloquent silence.” Henry Miller

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