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Glasgow 1969

by Gabriele Basilico
Glasgow 1969
by Gabriele Basilico

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Publisher's Description

It’s late afternoon in the summer of 1969. We are in the outskirts of Glasgow and Gabriele Basilico is holding a Nikon F, shooting a single roll of film. He is in a state of grace, although nobody might then have known that this roll was to mark Basilico’s baptism as a photographer. He is struck by the Scottish kids, the terrains vagues, the 19th-century industrial archaeology. At the time he was just an architecture student interested in the British post-war new towns, in the social photography of Bill Brandt, but he had not yet shown a vocation for photography of his own. The volume, after Iran 1970 and Marocco 1971, completes the “Basilico before Basilico” trilogy and is accompanied by the texts of Umberto Fiori and Pippo Ciorra, and a testimony from Giovanna Calvenzi.

Publisher: Humboldt Books

Size: 170 x 210 mm

72 pages, booklet in the flap

Italian, English

Harper Voyager
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