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Earth is my Witness

by Art Wolfe
Earth is my Witness
by Art Wolfe

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Publisher's Description

Over the course of his thirty-year career, award-winning photographer ART WOLFE has worked on every continent and in hundreds of locations. His stunning images interpret and record the world’s fastest disappearing wildlife, landscapes, and native cultures and are a lasting inspiration to those who seek to preserve them all. Wolfe’s photographs are recognized throughout the world for their mastery of color, composition, and perspective, and his photographic mission is multifaceted: art, wildlife advocacy, and journalism all inform his work.

Advanced printing process: The printing of this book utilizes a revolutionary new color reproduction technique called Chroma Centric™, which is eight times more precise than standard offset printing. To meet the demands of high-density printing, this process uses stochastic screening and specially formulated inks, enhancing the color gamut by more than 25 percent. With this technique, Insight Editions is creating perhaps the most stunning color photography book of its kind.

Publisher: Insight Editions

Size: 11 x 14"

356 pages

Harper Voyager
Earth Aware
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