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Double Portraits

by Christoph Klauke
Double Portraits
by Christoph Klauke

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Publisher's Description

Double Portraits is a series of double portrait photographs by Christoph Klauke. The images are arranged in three chapters and were taken over the course of several years, representing three stages in the photographer’s life: in Spitalfields, London, around the turn of the millennium, in New York after 9/11 and finally in Southern California. Far from being duplicates, these double portraits further emphasize the photographer’s long-term interest in the human face as a mirror of thoughts and emotions. For the first photograph, on the left, Christoph Klauke composes the image on film through the ground glass of his beloved 10 x 8 inch camera - then presses the shutter. For the second photograph, on the right, he exerts absolutely no control for several seconds - while the sitter attempts to maintain his or her pose. Then he operates the shutter for the second time. The differences between the two portraits are slight but strangely unsettling. It is as if we are looking at identical twins who are, mysteriously, never actually identical. Or as if we are being invited to imagine the moments between the shots, the un-shown.

Publisher: DBA

Size: 240 x 290 mm

124 pages, 56 colour illustrations

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