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DEADLINE Volume 2 (Signed)

by Will Steacy
DEADLINE Volume 2 (Signed)
by Will Steacy

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Comes with a signed copy of Deadline vol 1 (the newspaper)

Publisher's Description

In the highly anticipated second installment of the Deadline publications Will Steacy tells the story of an industry in crisis and a family legacy cut short. Steacy’s latest book reveals the harsh realities facing the newspaper industry today in a behind-the-scenes look at one newsroom’s grit and determination to get the news out despite shrinking advertising revenue, falling circulation, lay-offs, buy-outs, and bankruptcy. In his follow up to the critically acclaimed Deadline newspaper, this 190-page book features Steacy’s photographs of The Inquirer newsroom and printing plant, historical material from The Inquirer's archive and his own family's five-generation newsman history. The accompanying essay by former Inquirer executive editor Gene Roberts, whose leadership won the paper 17 Pulitzer Prizes, explains how corporate media consolidation and the shift from newsroom expansion to budget cutting in an effort to maximize shareholder value were the first dominos in the newspaper industry’s subsequent downfall. Deadline not only provides us an open window into the realities of an industry in crisis, but also explains how and why we got here. Steacy’s in-depth examination of the downfall of the media is particularly relevant in an election year in which the consequences of the de-newspaperization of America are on full display as facts and accountability have been trumped by voters' political ideology.

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Publisher: Frank Books

Size: 240 x 305 mm

192 pages, 279 photographs, reproductions & archival documents

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