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by Awoiska van Der Molen
by Awoiska van Der Molen

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Awoiska van der Molen's beautiful first book, Sequester – with its captivating low-light images of the Canary Islands at dawn and dusk - went out of print recently. With excellent timing, her second book Blanco has just appeared. There's rather more daylight in this one but it has the same feel of intense solitary engagement with the natural world. Again, the images are black-and-white large-format silver gelatin prints. 

Publisher's Description

Awoiska van der Molen has been producing monochrome landscape photography since 2009. ‘Blanco’ is the result of extended periods of isolation, during which the Dutch photographer penetrates deep into the essence of the remote world where she creates her images. Removed from today’s fast-paced society, she patiently experiences the landscape in a new way, moving beyond initial appearances to gradually uncover the identity of the place, allowing it to impress upon her its specific emotional and physical qualities. Through enigmatic contrasts between darkness and light in her large-format silver gelatin prints, notions of time and self blur, becoming non-existent.

Sample images

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Size: 240 x 290 mm

36 pages

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290 x 240mm 
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