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Best of the LensWork Interviews

Best of the LensWork Interviews

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Reproduces sixty of the 500 interviews conducted by Brooks Jensen with many of today’s leading photographers. Its 426 pages include interviews with Bruce Barnbaum, Mitch Dobrowner, Josef Hoflehner, David Hurn, Michael Kenna, Howard Schatz, Linda Butler, Joan Myers and John Sexton.

Publisher's Description

“I’ve now (as of 2016) had the pleasure and honor to interview some 500 photographers for the pages of LensWork and as audio supplements to LensWork Extended. In every interview — without exception — there is at least one nugget of wisdom that makes the experience worth the time. In the art life, learning never stops — at least if we are lucky and pay attention. And the lessons we learn surely have some application for others. The 60 photographers included in this book prove that beyond any doubt.” From the Preface

60 Photographers On Photography and Their Creative Process


  • Bruce Barnbaum
  • Barbara & Edna Bullock
  • Carl Chiarenza
  • Michael Crouser
  • James Whitlow Delano
  • Mitch Dobrowner
  • Josef Hoflehner
  • David Hurn
  • Michael Kenna
  • Stu Levy
  • Joan Myers
  • Alan Ross
  • Howard Schatz
  • John Sexton
  • George Tice
  • John Wimberley

And many more!

Publisher: Lenswork

426 pages

Harper Voyager
Date Published
5.25 x 7.5"
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