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Before and After Night Porter

by Chris Shaw
Before and After Night Porter
by Chris Shaw

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Publisher's Description

"Before and After Night Porter" focuses on the work of British photographer Chris Shaw (b. 1967), and its compelling relationship to the Vivo and Provoke (Japanese photographic collectives of the 1960s) aesthetics, following the great interest in post-war Japanese photography in Europe and the United States in recent years.
Working predominantly with black and white photography when many of his contemporaries had turned to color, Shaw produced a singular body of work, translating and adapting the language of Japanese photography into a distinctive British context. The world reflected in Shaw’s work is one of blurring, close-ups, unexpected angles, high contrast and overwhelming sensory experience, which has much in common with the chaotic and disorienting visions of Tokyo produced in influential publications like Daido Moriyama’s Farewell Photography or Yutaka Takanashi’s Towards the City.

"Before and After Night Porter" will bring together a selection of photographs from "Life as a Night Porter" (1995 –2005), "Sandy Hill Estate" (1986 –1989) and "Weeds of Wallasey" (2006 –2011). Shaw’s work is held in many major private and public collections. This book is published with the support of Wilson Centre for Photography.

Publisher: Kehrer Verlag

Size: 240 x 330 mm

160 pages, 130 duotone illustrations


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