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Badly Repaired Cars (Collector's Edition)

by Ronni Campana
Badly Repaired Cars (Collector's Edition)
by Ronni Campana

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Publisher's Description

Collector's Edition of Badly Repaired Cars by Ronni Campana, limited to 150 copies. Includes a signed and numbered limited edition print.  
Badly Repaired Cars is a bright, bold and humorous documentation of some of the best (or worst) examples of DIY car repairs. Close up photographs of cars held together by tape, plastic and glue fill each frame and begin to take on the qualities of abstract art. A strip of duct tape across a broken headlight becomes powerfully graphic in form; green plastic hanging from a door divides the frame like a Rothko colour wash.
This is Book 2 in a series that celebrates the best in colourful, modern photography.
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Publisher: Hoxton Mini Press

Hoxton Mini
Binding Additional
Hardcover with print
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