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by Muge
by Muge

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Taking orders for the 2nd edition only, due October 2019

Referring to the new book ‘塵 ASH’… Could you tell us something more about the creation of the book (concept, editing, design, printing, limited edition etc.)?

MU: Firstly I’d like to express my gratitude to the designer Ms. Amanda and supervisor Mr. Mark of the Zen Gallery in Tokyo. Before the designing work take place, we discussed a lot about the work’s expression and we exchanged each other’s opinion regarding the Ash series. The final concept that we all agreed on is the idea of Zen.

Ms. Amanda picked a combination of both single sheets and folded pages in accordion form as the presenting form of the book, which I really love about. Folded pages in accordion form is what the traditional Chinese books look like, and the single sheets are finely printed that you can totally frame and hang it on the wall if you like. I believe this is a good way for display.

The collection is a 500 limited edition, and each is a unique copy because we didn’t deliberately assign the arrangement of the sheets photographs. Breaking the normal sequencing, we expected the readers to understand these photographs in their own way." (interview in Landscape Stories)

Hard Cover/ 41 photos reproductions / text217mmx273mmx15mm
Limited edition of 500
Publisher Mark Pearson.ZEN FOTO GALLERY
Layout/Design Amanda Lo. Ling-ning

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