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Picture of Frontlines - Conflict in the 21st Century

Frontlines - Conflict in the 21st Century

Sean Smith

Binding: H
ISBN: 9780852652428
Price: £20.00
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Publisher's Description
Acclaimed war photographer Sean Smith has covered all the major conflicts of the past few years. Frontlines: Conflict in the 21st Century brings together his finest work and offers both a chronicle of major flashpoints and a unique insight into modern warfare.

From violence in Bethlehem in 2000 to life in war-torn Afghanistan, these extraordinary images bear witness to a world that most of us find hard to imagine and hope never to experience first hand. This important contribution to the great tradition of war photography includes Smith's study of Iraq before and during the US-led invasion, which documents the most controversial of recent conflicts with breathtaking immediacy and intimacy.

Publisher: Guardian Books
Size: 248 x 188 mm
272 pages

Publisher's Price: £ 20.00