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Picture of 8x's


Absalom & Bardsley

Binding: H
ISBN: 9783869303413
Price: £57.00
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Publisher's Description
“8x’s” is the local name for the ex-ammunitions storage site in Absalom and Bardsley’s hometown of Bridgend in South Wales. The site consisted of seven tunnels and since opening in 1939 it fulfilled multiple functions including a nuclear shelter during the Cold War. Today, all but two tunnels are destroyed. 8x’s was a setting for Absalom and Bardsley’s childhood adventures and in this book they combine photography, newspaper articles, interviews and snapshots to revisit its multiple histories. The result is an original map of a post-war Welsh landscape employing nostalgia, irony and myth.

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Publisher: Steidl
Size: 390 x 290 mm
96 pages

Publisher's Price: £ 57.00