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Picture of Metropolis


Horst von Harbou

Binding: Clothbound hardcover photo album with images inserted by hand
ISBN: 9783869303697
Price: £55.00
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Publisher's Description
Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1927) is a defining film of the silent era and science fiction genre. But the work of the film’s still photographer Horst von Harbou has remained obscure. Von Harbou, brother of Thea von Harbou, Lang’s then wife and co-screenwriter of Metropolis, photographed filmed scenes as well as off-camera action, and made an album of thirty-five photographs which he gave to the film’s young star Brigitte Helm. The book Metropolis is a careful reconstruction of this album, showing the photographs and some of their backsides which feature hand-written notes. Von Harbou’s photographs not only offer a rare insight into Lang’s film, but have been crucial in reconstructing missing scenes from it.

Publisher: Steidl/Edition 7L
Size: 230 x 170 mm
84 pages, 35 colour plates

Publisher's Price: £ 55.00