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Picture of Marketing Fine Art Photography

Marketing Fine Art Photography

Alain Briot

Binding: P
ISBN: 9781933952550
Price: £34.50
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Publisher's Description
Selling your photographs successfully requires an in-depth knowledge of marketing, something that most photographers and artists have not studied. Alain Briot's marketing approach is based on offering a quality product in small quantity and pricing it accordingly.

Briot's system is centered on taking control of your own destiny by learning how to sell your work. By "cutting out the middle man" you will increase your profits while taking control of the selling process.

Chapters in Marketing Fine Art Photography include: What is Fine Art Photography; Best Sellers; Fundamental Marketing, Salesmanship, and Business Knowledge; How to Price Your Work; Where to Sell Your Work; Personal Skills; Marketing Tools; and much more.

While this is geared toward selling fine art photographs, it also applies to selling fine arts, as well as other products, as long as they are sold on the basis of quality and not quantity.

Publisher: Rocky Nook
320 pages

Publisher's Price: £ 34.50
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