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Picture of House of Love

House of Love

Dayanita Singh

Binding: H
ISBN: 9781934435274
Price: £39.05
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Publisher's Description
House of Love is a work of photographic fiction that takes the form of nine short stories. (Click on the cover image above and scroll through the chapter Portrait of a Marriage.) Working closely with writer Aveek Sen, whose prose follows a journey of its own, Singh explores the relationship between photography, memory, and writing. House of Love, designed to blur the lines between an art book of photographic images and a work of literary fiction, is a book whose images demand to be read, not just seen, and whose texts create their own sensory worlds. The combination creates a new vocabulary for the visual book. The “House of Love” itself is the Taj Mahal, but the Taj Mahal as a recurring motif that stands for a range of meanings—meanings made up of the truths and lies of night and day, love and illusion, attachment and detachment. Through images of cities both visible and invisible, people real and surreal, Singh creates her own mysterious and ineffable, strange yet familiar language, using her trademark black-and-white photography and her newer nocturnal color work.

To preview the first chapter visit the Radius Books web page and click the book cover.

Publisher: Raduis Books
Size: 6.25 x 9.75'
198 pgs, 63 color and 48 black-and-white illustrations

Publisher's Price: $ 45