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Picture of Shoshone Falls (Signed)

Shoshone Falls (Signed)

Thomas Joshua Cooper

Binding: Hardback
ISBN: 9781934435250


Publisher's Description
In the summer of 2003, Thomas Joshua Cooper traveled to Shoshone Falls in southern Idaho to photograph where the Snake River had tumbled across a 212 foot precipice, once one of the most sublime and inspiring landscapes in the American West. Cooper’s images were a response to the work of Timothy H. O’Sullivan, photographer on the nineteenth-century geologic and geographic surveys led by Clarence King and Lieutenant George M. Wheeler. Traveling to Shoshone Falls in 1868 and again in 1874, O’Sullivan’s images are emblematic of the seven years he spent exploring the West, capturing both the physical grandeur and emotional resonance of this unique landscape. Cooper’s photographs simultaneously engage the work of his predecessor while expanding his own formal vocabulary in a project that creates a dialogue about history, geography, and the process of photographic image making. Printed large scale in lush tri-tone, this book reproduces eighteen images by Cooper in tandem with eight albumen prints by O’Sullivan.

Customer Review
“Any new book or exhibition by Thomas Cooper is something worthy of anticipation and excitement and this, his latest book, does not disappoint. It is actually two greats for the price of one as we get not only Thomas’s superb photographs but those of another of the great early American photographers, Timothy H O’Sullivan. Anyone even remotely interested in early American photography will be aware of O’Sullivan’s atmospheric and emotive images of the Shoshone Falls made as part of two major expeditions to explore and open up the West in the 1860s/1870s. For many of us including Thomas, O’Sullivan’s images are part history, part inspiration. These photographs of Cooper’s are not new images in the Re-Photography mode: they are new and wonderful images inspired and challenged by what is arguably O’Sullivan’s greatest work. The images are as fascinating, as challenging to the viewer as O’Sullivan’s were to Cooper. They are a joy to behold and study and I have spent some time every day since receiving the book contemplating them. They are, as anyone who knows Thomas’s work, not just superb technically but full of expressive and emotive qualities. It is, of course, a great assistance that the print quality is superb, the book is beautifully presented and the accompanying essay readable,sagacious, provocative and amply laced with Thomas’s own comments. All in all it is a volume to treasure. It wins my Book of the Year 2010 with a significant margin to spare.”

Publisher: Radius Books
Size: 10.5 x 15'
48 pages, 27 tritone illustrations

Publisher's Price: £ 41.54