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Picture of Travel Photography Masterclass

Travel Photography Masterclass

Joe Cornish, Charlie Waite, David Ward and others

Binding: P
ISBN: 9781902538594
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Publisher's Description
With Developing Vision and Style, Working the Light and Finding the Picture, Argentum have established a series of Masterclasses that explain the principles of creative photography. In this new title, eight of the world’s most successful photographers share advice, insights and tips on travel photography, based on their own experiences of photographing in locations throughout the world. It’s never been easier either to travel worldwide, or to take the photographs that document those travels. But how, whether we are visiting the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the towering mountains of Yosemite National Park in America, or the neon-lit skyscrapers of Hong Kong, can we produce an interpretation that is distinctly our own? With contributions from Joe Cornish, David Ward, Charlie Waite, Paul Harris and others, readers will learn how to get the best from each location they visit by considering matters such as the season, climate, time of day, and of course local cultures and customs. Divided into chapters on Landscape, People, Architecture and Nature, this book provides expert advice and invaluable insights covering every area of travel photography. There are also detailed critiques of a wide variety of images, of the kind that are given at a photography workshop. In fact, this book is the next best thing to attending a workshop! Joe Cornish, Charlie Waite and David Ward are the leading landscape photographers in Britain today.

Size: 260 x 230 mm
160 pages

Publisher's Price: £ 20.00
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