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Picture of Silent Moments

Silent Moments

Håkan Strand

Binding: Hardcover (Three Cover versions)
ISBN: 9783868288698
Price: £35.00
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Publisher's Description

Håkan Strand (b.1959) is an award winning fine art Photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. He brings his Scandinavian influences into his photography to create a style which is characterized by sophisticated simplicity of form, beauty, and lines. It pays tribute to the traditions of the old masters as well as to contemporary photographers such as Kirsten Klein and Michael Kenna. By making use of low light environments, between dusk and dawn, bad weather and gray cloudy skies, the artist creates his elegant and atmospheric black-andwhite photographs. Silent Moments is about turning away from the hectic pace of modern life, putting time aside for moments of stillness and timelessness. With his use of light and shade, rhythm and form, Strand reconnects us with nature in a special way.

Publisher: Kehrer Verlag

Size: 24 x 30.5 cm

124 pages 54 duotone ills.

English, Swedish

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