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Picture of Estudio elemental del Levante (exhibition catalogue)

Estudio elemental del Levante (exhibition catalogue)

Ricardo Cases

Binding: Hardcover


Publisher's Description

Catalogue of the exhibition presented in Sala Canal de Isabel II (Madrid, May—July 2018) ‘Estudio elemental del Levante’ (An elementary study of Levante) by photographer Ricardo Cases. It includes Cases’ work since 2010 through five photographic series that analyze the universe of the Levante region as a colorful, anarchic, wild and disconcerting place, but clearly Spanish. Ricardo Cases’ Levante region is a universe made of light, surprise, precariousness and chaos. A country without rules, fascinating and hallucinatory that, in some way, condenses the spirit of contemporary society.

The exhibition shows the work of Ricardo Cases since 2010, when he changed his residence from Madrid to Valencia, and includes the series ‘Sol’, ‘Paloma al aire’, ‘El porqué de las naranjas’, ‘Podría haberse evitado’ and ‘Estudio elemental del Levante’, setting up a small-scale laboratory for the Levantine orchard. This photographic journey through landscapes and people, with supersaturated color subjects, constitutes a powerful symbolic corpus that shapes his personal Levantine universe, full of irony, vitality and characters that represent the quintessence of the autochthonous culture in an involuntary way.

Size: 13.6 x 18 cm

340 pages

Language: Spanish/English