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Picture of America revised (Special Edition - Signed)

America revised (Special Edition - Signed)

Gerry Johansson

Binding: Screen printed hardcover


Overseas deliveries  Please note that, as this is a heavy item, overseas postage will be charged at twice our standard rates.

Publisher's Description

Ater the incredible success with Gerry Johansson’s Tokyo last year (the 500 edition was sold out in three months), I’ve been looking out for another project with the artist. For the new book America revised I’ve chosen 83 pictures from the big number of images, Gerry had taken in the span of more than 40 years during his travels to the States. Gerry Johansson purists who know, like and collect his mostly self published and tabloid sized books might be irritated by our large size 320 x 300 mm (12 3/5“ by 11 4/5“). And in addition there will be even a small number of color images included. But as the reproduction size has more or less the size of his prints, even those who have never seen an original print by Gerry Johansson, could get an almost lifelike impression of an exhibition by GJ. And this was one of my intentions when designing the book. Finally I’ll be sure that even the officially sworn in fans of Gerry Johansson will like the concept. And of course there will be special editions coming with the first copies of the book.

Special Edition signed and numbered copies. With a gelatine silver print; printed by the artist with three different images in an edition of 20 each. Customers should express their print preference when ordering.

Publisher: Only Photography

Size: 320 x 300 mm

124 page, 83 mostly full plate black & white and a few colour images