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Picture of TBW Books Annual Series No.6 - Four Book Set

TBW Books Annual Series No.6 - Four Book Set

Binding: Cloth bound hardcover with tip-on covers
ISBN: 9781942953333


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Publisher’s Description

TBW Books is pleased to announce the forthcoming installment to our Annual Series book sets. This year, the four artists included in Series No. 6 have each crafted a monograph charged with an essence of the surreal, exploring the passage of time and the imprecise nature of the phenomenal. Together, these narratives weave a continuum from book to book, creating a dreamlike photographic timeline spanning 40 years.


Book 1: Guido Guidi - Dietro Casa
Book 2: Jason Fulford - Clayton's Ascent
Book 3: Gregory Halpern - Confederate Moons
Book 4: Viviane Sassen - Heliotrope

Publisher: TW Books

Size: 8.75 x 11"
Edition of 1000