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Picture of Infinito


David Jiménez

Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9788494854200


Publisher’s Description

David Jiménez presents the second edition of Infinito, considered one of the pioneering Spanish photobooks published originally in the year 2000. The release of this work, highlighted in several prestigious publications such as The Photobook: A History by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger, was a source of inspiration for many photographers from Spain and abroad. It is considered a milestone in the history of Spanish photobooks due to its fragmented narrative, its book-object nature and its capacity to generate multiple readings.

Although this second edition, produced as a self-publication by the author himself, shows an almost literal respect to the original, it also presents some variations. In addition to containing four different images, the new edition is made on an offset paper that gives it an updated look closer to the author’s original desire.

Publisher: Dalpine

Size: 170 x 235 mm

118 pages+covers, 120 images

Second edition, self-published 2018  (First edition, Photovision 2000)

Edition of 1.500 copies