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Picture of The Shot That Made Me

The Shot That Made Me

Compiled by Peter Dench

Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9789053309094
Price: £32.50
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Publisher’s Description

The Shot That Made Me is a collection of photographs and stories from world-renowned photographers about the photograph that had the greatest impact on their career. Some of the photographers featured know exactly what their image is and when it was taken. Others attribute it more vaguely. The answers in this heroically revealing and intimate book are as diverse as the photographers questioned. The result is a unique and compelling insight into why they became and continue to be, masters of photography.

The book is compiled by Peter Dench is an English photographer and curator with over 20 years experience, represented worldwide by VERBATIM. Dench has published five visual monographs, THE DENCH DOZEN: Great Britons of Photography Vol. 1 (2016); DENCH DOES DALLAS (2015), The British Abroad (2015) Alcohol & England (2014) and England Uncensored (2012).

Publisher: Schilt Publishing

Size: 220 x 240 mm

216 pages with approx. 100 photographs in full colour