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Picture of  The Magazine & The New Photography: Koga And Japanese Modernism

The Magazine & The New Photography: Koga And Japanese Modernism

Satomi Fujimura Eri Taniguchi

Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9784336062529
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Publisher’s Description

The New Photography in Japan, influenced by Germany’s ‘Neue Sachlichkeit’, the New Objectivity, and surrealism, differed strikingly from the pictorialism that had been the leading form of art photography prior to 1930. ‘Koga’ was a small-press magazine that remained in print for less than two years, yet featured a number of amateur photographers, largely from the Kansai region, who became a driving force behind the New Photography movement. The catalogue for an exhibition featuring photographs printed in ‘Koga’, this publication examines the influence of foreign photographers on the New Photography and subsequent modes of photographic expression in Japan.

Publisher: Kokushokankokai

Size: 230 x 310 mm

234 pages