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Picture of Cloven Landscape

Cloven Landscape

Naoya Hatakeyama

Binding: Hardcover


Publisher's Dsecription

Rather than a mere reproduction of the works featured, the exhibition catalogue Cloven Landscape (published in July 2017) provides a documentation and critical examination of Naoya Hatakeyama’s 2016 show “Cloven Landscape” at Sendai Mediatheque.

The book is split into two halves, each 128 pages long. The “text” part features a dialogue with Hatakeyama, essays and examinations by writers and artists Mikiro Sasaki, Mikio Igarashi, Lieko Shiga and Takahiro Nishimura. The “photography” part consists, of course, of images used in the exhibition, but also, curiously, of photos taken by Hatakeyama of the exhibition itself. Additional information, such as a detailed list of the exhibited works, a map of the exhibition space and commentary on his works (in Japanese) by Hatakeyama complete the catalogue.

Publisher: akaaka-sha

Size: 235 x 180 mm

248 pages

Language: English, Japanese

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