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Picture of If You Have A Secret

If You Have A Secret

Irina Popova

Binding: Softcover
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Publisher's Description

Irina Popova is a documentary photographer and curator known for her special interest in the subjects of privacy, sincerity, and marginality. She gained notoriety for her documentary series about two young drug addicts and their baby living in squalor in a St. Petersburg squat. Published in 2017 by Dostoevsky Publishing, Amsterdam, this is the second version of her 2014 photobook, ‘If You Have a Secret’. Besides its vivid, colourful portraits, the new edition has a different design, double-folded “secret” pages, and other intriguing features. Only about three quarters of the photographs are the same as in the previous edition, and the texts have also been revised and re-edited.

Publisher: Dostoevsky Photography Society

136 pages