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Picture of Mapping the Limits of Space

Mapping the Limits of Space

Dan Holdsworth

Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9783775744201
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Publisher's Description

Nature meets Technology—in this important new publication, spanning more than two decades of Holdsworth's innovative practice

Mapping the Limits of Space surveys English artist Dan Holdsworth’s 20-year career. Since 1996 Holdsworth has explored the “extreme” territories that characterise humans’ changing relationship to the ‘natural’ world in the Anthropocene. The volume also reveals Holdsworth’s (*1974) most recent body of work. Since 2012 the artist has worked with academic geologists to map the exact contours of Alpine glaciers, using drones, lasers, photography, and high-end software used by the military and academy. We encounter millions of points in space, each millimetre-perfect, that plot the outline of a changing landscape. Produced in collaboration with the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, the publication offers new insights into Holdsworth’s innovative practice.

Text(s) by Dan Holdsworth, Madeleine Kennedy, Emma Lewis, Oliver Morton, Alistair Robinson, Joshua Wilson, graphic design by Simon Earith, Yes Studio

Publisher: Hatje Cantz

Size: 285 x 330 mm

272 pages, 250 illustrations