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Picture of Concrete Octopus

Concrete Octopus

Osamu Kanemura

Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9789899944572
Price: £27.00
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Publisher's Description

Concrete Octopus takes off where Kanemura´s 2002 acclaimed Spider's Strategy left. The cult Japanese photographer proves to be in great shape.  With a text by Chris Fujiwara, a film critic living in Tokyo.

"It would be strange and misleading, though obviously not wholly inaccurate, to call these photographs “images of the Japan of the present time.” Though they might perhaps have much to say to the social historian, their documentary function is circumscribed by the interest in exploring a visual universe too disunited and incomplete to be recognizable as a cultural or historical form. In these images, the world presents itself with great purity and without provocation or seduction, as though poised in the interval before the repetition of an already forgotten catastrophe." Chris Fujiwara

Publisher: Pierre von Kleist editions, Lisbon and Osiris, Tokyo

Size: 300 x 189 mm

88 pages