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Picture of The City in Itself

The City in Itself

Rohan Hutchinson

Binding: Saddle-Stitch
ISBN: 9781908889553


Publisher's Description

The City in Itself is a body of work that explores the variety of architectural elements that make up a city; in this case Tokyo. Hutchinson sees this project as a departure point allowing him to explore a new personal perspective, one that closely examines the social and economic framework of the city.

The City in Itself shows Tokyo from a new perspective, one that breaks away from the stigma often depicted with a major metropolis, revealing that even in one of the densest populated cities in the world, there is still space for contemplation.

Rohan Hutchinson is an Australian born Photographer whose primary research has been on the built landscape. Through Photography he questions the transformation of Architectural space and our relationship with the environment.

Hutchinson has participated in Artist in residency programs in Japan and Canada; research trips have also included China, Alaska and the Arctic. He is currently based in Melbourne Australia where he exhibits frequently both nationally and internationally.

Publisher: Velvet Cell

Size: 152 x 193 mm

32 pages

Limited Edition of 300